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Face to Face – New SafeStop App Aims to Take the Stress Out of Routine Traffic Stops

For many drivers, being pulled over for a traffic violation by law enforcement is a very…

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Saying Goodbye: DTLA Remembers the Life & Passion of Visionary Wayne Ratkovich

Wayne Ratkovich, a Los Angeles-based real estate developer behind the revitalization of The Bloc, The…

Murders in DTLA
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Dual Murders of Local Women Send Shock, Sadness and Disbelief – Can Downtown LA Help Catch a Killer?

This week, two tragic incidents have cast a shadow over our community, leaving downtown in…

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Smash and Grab Robberies & the New Task Force: What the County Can Learn from Downtown LA 

Smash-and-grab incidents have become increasingly prevalent across Los Angeles, leaving citizens and business owners concerned…

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LA On Strike! But What Do the City Workers Want?

City employees, represented by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 721, have taken to the streets to protest what they perceive as unjust treatment by the city administration.

Homeless encampment
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Homeless, Homeless, and More Homeless, As LA Braces for a Homeless Heatwave – Here’s What We Can Learn From DTLA

DTLA has been an epicenter of homelessness for a long, long time. And with age comes experience. Here’s what others can learn from Downtown when it comes to dealing with the homeless population.

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DTLA Love It Or Leave It… California PowerBall Winner To Invest $1Bil Back Into Downtown LA?

In a stroke of cosmic improbability, the winning $1 billion Powerball ticket was sold in…

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DTLA PowerGirls – Check Out LA County Board of Supervisor’s New Racial Equity Strategic Plan

Comprehensive plan addresses racism and creates a roadmap for a more equitable, inclusive, and just…

City hall
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Surviving DTLA: Who the Hell Threw a Molotov Cocktail at City Hall?

Arson investigators are currently examining the cause of a “suspicious” fire that occurred at Los…

La mission
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Planting Seeds of Change: Chef Supreme Dow Vows to Help LA Mission Go Vegan

The new managing chef at LA Mission has turned his back on traditional can donations…

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Driving in the Dark: Downtown Community Member Lobbies for Safer Roadways and Adequate Street Lighting

Could the absence of proper lighting along the 110 Freeway be compromising the overall safety…

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DTLA Braces for Protest as City Hall Weighs in on Allowing Robo Dogs to Police Los Angeles

Get ready for some robot ruckus! On Tuesday, a protest is set to shake up…