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Touched by Crime – DTLA Violence & Mayhem Where You’d Least Expect – and How Best to Prevent It

The secret’s out. Crime in downtown Los Angeles has shattered any sense of security, casting…

DTLA Senior Citizen Month
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Golden Years or Tarnished Ride: Can Metro Keep Seniors Safe on Public Transit?

Aging is difficult for a number of reasons and is experienced very individually. Some resent the act of getting older while others believe it’s a gift and should be celebrated. In addition to wrinkles and arthritis, depending on what community one lives in, aging might also mean losing your independence when it comes to getting from A to B, and more importantly, doing so safely.
Just a little over a decade ago catching the bus wasn’t only challenging for younger adults. Drivers would pass by and not stop at the designated bus station, leaving the passenger stranded and confused until the arrival of the next vehicle. 
Something had to change and Metro delivered.

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DTLA RA: A Love Letter to Downtowners

In a short time, DTLA residents and community organizers have been able to unite downtown…

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New Sayfer App Promises Anonymous Hate Crime Reporting

In response to the concerning increase in hate crimes across the United States, the Center…

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Romance Without the Risk: RealMe Hooks Up the Future of Online Dating with Safer, Trusted Connections

RealMe is a platform that isn’t merely responding to the crisis—it’s attempting to reshape the…

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Saying Goodbye: A Celebration of Life for Alan Nishio – Long-Time Community Activist, Leader, and Friend

Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC) mourns the passing of Alan Nishio, their longest-tenured board president,…

Dtla tent homeless
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Unveiling The Strangest Downtown LA Homeless Tent Finds of 2023

From the bizarre to the intriguing, here’s a glimpse into the strangest things discovered in…

Skid row charity
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1000s of Turkeys: Here’s Where to Find Free Thanksgiving Meals in Downtown Los Angeles

The spirit of giving comes alive during the holidays in Downtown Los Angeles with several…

Downtown La traffic
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How to Avoid the Heat of Road Rage Until Fire Damage on the 10 Freeway is Repaired

Recently, during a community event, DT Weekly correspondents stumbled across an individual who was campaigning…

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Massive Protest in Support of Palestinian Rights Bleeds Into the Streets of Downtown Los Angeles

The sun soaked day couldn’t have shown a brighter light on the sentiments of thousands…

Andy bales
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Andy Bales Hangs Up His NIMBY Fighting Gloves: After 20-Years of Advocating for the Homeless

In 2003, Reverend Andy Bales took the helm as the CEO of Union Rescue Mission…

Kim glass
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Olympian Kim Glass Furious About Verdict, Sentencing of DTLA Attacker Speaks Out

Former Olympian Kim Glass remains deeply disturbed after a brutal attack on the streets of…