Quest for CD14 – Hillery Ain’t Havin’ It

Teresa Hillery

Hillery’s more than a voice against the status quo. She’s a force for change. In an exclusive interview, we discussed with Hillery, a prominent city council candidate, her plans and visions for tackling some of the most pressing issues in our district. Hillery’s responses were not only insightful but also indicative of her commitment to bringing about tangible change. Below, we delve into her strategies for addressing corruption, homelessness, economic inequality, transportation infrastructure, public safety, affordable housing, and civic engagement.

Combating political corruption? Hillery Ain’t Havin’ It. Hillery stresses that corruption in politics is a blight on democracy. To combat this, she proposes a three-fold plan: (1) expanding the city council district for better representation; (2) Establishing an independent redistricting commission to eliminate gerrymandering, and (3) Creating a well-funded ethics commission. Moreover, she pledges to conduct regular Community Talks; to maintain transparency, ensure financial decisions are public, and maintain a zero-tolerance stance on corruption.

Tackling Homelessness? Hillery Ain’t Havin’ It. Acknowledging the severity of homelessness, Hillery outlines a comprehensive approach. CD14 Candidtate Teresa Hillery plans to (1) establish a neighborhood council specifically for Skid Row and work with all neighborhood councils on homelessness issues; (2) appoint a dedicated director for the district wide homelessness initiatives; (3) utilize the CARE Court system and conservatorships to aid the most vulnerable, and (4) enhance unarmed crisis response services.

Addressing economic inequality Hillery aims to bridge economic disparities by supporting small businesses and enhancing wages, standards, and fostering job creation. She plans to utilize local talent and encourage entrepreneurship, ensuring that every community member has an opportunity to participate in the American Dream.

Improving transportation infrastructure As an experienced public transit user, Hillery understands the importance of efficient transportation. She intends to work with the MTA and city departments to enhance safety, connectivity and accessibility, advocating for better shelters, charging stations, cleanliness, and public restrooms.

Enhancing public safety Public safety is a top priority for Hillery. She plans to address crime through community policing initiatives, fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and local communities. She supports community services, youth programs, improved lighting, and infrastructure repairs to enhance neighborhood safety.

Increasing Affordable Housing Addressing the housing crisis, Hillery considers housing a fundamental human right. Her plan involves reducing production costs, rehabilitating existing housing stock, and protecting tenants from illegal practices. She also aims to increase homeownership to enable generational wealth creation fostering civic engagement and transparency.

While our interview with her was short, we believe that Hillery’s comprehensive approach to these critical issues reveal her dedication to not just addressing but also solving the challenges, facing our community. Her plans reflect a deep understanding of the district’s needs and a commitment to creating a brighter, more equitable future for all residents. Her message seems to clear: she’s just not having it; she’s changing it. @vote4teresahillery

Author: James Bryan