Cliftons Republic
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Broadway Corridor Springs Back to Life with ReOpening of Clifton’s & United Theater on Broadway

Downtown Los Angeles’ Broadway corridor once faced an uncertain future after the closure of beloved…

American mariachis
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Women Can’t Be Mariachis …or Can They? Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain at LATC

Latino Theater Company presents the Los Angeles premiere of a big-hearted comedy with live music and a crucial…

Proabition dtla
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From Holy Wine to Sinful Sips: History of Drinking Lecture Pours into LA Library

From the wine-loving Spaniards who first settled Los Angeles to the cocktail quaffers of the…

New Pershing square
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DTLA Make Over: Pershing Square – A Reflection of the Times

Standing amidst the echoes of history, watching bulldozers gear up once again to aid in…

David minion at the biltmore
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Magic in the Air: A Night of Wonder with David Minkin at the Biltmore Hotel

There is no blueprint for becoming a magician. How anyone gets their start is part…

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The Price of Peace – Perch DTLA Backtracks on Security Fees While Others Forge Ahead

LA restaurants add a new shiny security surcharge to customer bills

Old-school cake-cutting, splitting, and corkage fees are not the only add-ons that decorate a bill at the end of the night anymore, as restaurants and bars in Los Angeles have been adding new surcharges like health care, inflation, and COVID-19 support over the past few years.

The new shiny sister, and most controversial of them all: the security surcharge.

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Aristocratix: The Art Show with Balls— Literally

You’ve heard of “eyes wide shut,” but the Aristocratix interactive art show celebrating everything nude…

Dtla Broadway
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Have the Curtains Closed on Broadway?

All seemed well until late last year when news and social media reports about The…

Downtown restaurant
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White Elephant Restaurant – Culinary Gem of the Historic Core

With less than a handful of Thai restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles to choose from, White Elephant in…

La3c concert
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LA3C Mega Fest Comes to DTLA – Proving Once Again, The Historic Core Has Got Soul

Billboard Magazine’s yearly LA3C mega festival is back and this year it’s bigger and more…

Art heart fashion show
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Art Hearts Fashion Celebrates 10 Years on the CatWalk at Majestic

The official 2023 Los Angeles Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion promises iconic runway…

pershing square
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Pershing Square’s New MakeOver

After seven years of meticulous planning and design contests, the eagerly awaited makeover of Pershing…