Hhcla gala
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What Came First – The Addict or the Needle? HHCLA Under Fire for Harm Reduction Program

The age-old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, has taken a…


Skid Row Rising: New Weingart 19-Story Tower Met with Cheers, Jeers and Fears from Downtown Locals 

Skid Row recently welcomed a new resident: a multi-story tower low income housing development specifically…

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Deal with the Devil – Who in the Hell Wants to Buy the Cecil Hotel?

The renowned and iconic Cecil Hotel in DTLA is once again listed for sale. But…

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Skid Row Rising: Park Family to Pass People’s Market to Skid Row Non-Profit, Creating Justice LA

After 29 years in Skid Row, the transition of People’s Market from its Korean-owned roots…

Dtla tent homeless
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Unveiling The Strangest Downtown LA Homeless Tent Finds of 2023

From the bizarre to the intriguing, here’s a glimpse into the strangest things discovered in…

Andy bales
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Andy Bales Hangs Up His NIMBY Fighting Gloves: After 20-Years of Advocating for the Homeless

In 2003, Reverend Andy Bales took the helm as the CEO of Union Rescue Mission…

La mission
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Planting Seeds of Change: Chef Supreme Dow Vows to Help LA Mission Go Vegan

The new managing chef at LA Mission has turned his back on traditional can donations…

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Easter In Downtown Brings Hot Meals, Basic Necessities and Celebrity Volunteers to the LA Mission

For many years, the Los Angeles Mission has been serving homeless individuals, and their services…

Skid row
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LA Poverty Department Prepares for 13th Annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists at General Jeff Memorial Park

The Los Angeles Poverty Department (LAPD) presents the 13th Annual Festival for All Skid Row Artists on Saturday…

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2022 Women To Watch: Maxine Sealey – Sharing Love with Others

Maxine Sealey is the incredible woman behind Sharing Love with Others, a non-profit organization that…

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Race to Feed: LA Mission Plan to Distribute 300,000 Meals to Families in South Central

For more than 84 years, the Los Angeles Mission has served the people of Skid…


asap “Skid Grow” Plants Seeds for Market Rate Housing in Skid Row

asap (Adam Sokol Architecture Practice) has completed over a year’s work reconsidering housing and homelessness…