Journey in Art & Education – David G. Brown: Political Cartoonist, Educator, and Publisher

David G Brown

Meet David G. Brown a remarkable individual who has made a significant impact in the worlds of art, education, media and publishing. At 69 years old, this multi-talented professional and his artwork has had a rich history in the public eye and continues to inspire and educate both readers and the next generation of creators. 

As the current political cartoonist for the Los Angeles Sentinel, a South Central focused newspaper, still available for pick up in a handful of places in Downtown. 

Brown is also a featured contributor to the Washington Post and San Francisco Bay View newspapers contributing political satire that dares take on some of the most pressing issues of our time. Police brutality, racism, climate change, Covid 19 and favorite subject, Donald J. Trump, nothing escapes his illustrated wits.

Over the span of 30 years, Brown’s ability to express his thoughts though illustration has morphed into opportunities presenting him with careers in media, and advertising, and eduction and landed him years of acclaim and thousands of admirers. 

Working in industries coupled with more often than not with a lack of diversity, he’s seen his fair share of obstacles but David believes in overcoming challenges through hard work, commitment to learning, and being able to release what ails him through his art. 

“The advice my Mother gave me before moving to Los Angeles “Believe in yourself, be willing to work hard and keep GOD first” I still live by those words.” – David Brown

As a versatile commercial artist and designer, Brown has produced multi-media and illustration for Los Angeles World Airports, So Cal Automobile Club, Warner Bros., City of Los Angeles, Wells Fargo Bank, California African American Museum, ABC-TV and plenty of others.

As an award winner author, Brown was awarded a NAACP Image Award for his political humor book “Barack, Race and the Media: Drawing my own Conclusions” in 2009, a collection of inspiring, yet humorous cartoons highlighting the historical Presidential campaign and election of Barack Obama.

In 1995 he founded David G. Brown Studios incorporating his graphics, story boards, cartoons, art programs and comic books which include a black superhero comic book for kids. 

For his earnest efforts David has long been recognized many times in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Daily News, LA Wave, Emerge Magazine, CNN, and the Los Angeles Sentinel, all showcasing the impact of his work on a broader scale.

Hailing from the school of hard knocks, in addition to earning a Bachelor of Arts Stockton University, Pomona, another in New Jersey, and attended the Philadelphia College of Art and UCLA, Brown is a former Career Technical Education (CTE) instructor of Arts, Media and Entertainment for the Los Angeles Unified School District and also taught Cartooning at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts).

David Brown’s legacy, inspired by his mother’s wisdom and driven by his unwavering belief in himself has drawn a long line of values for future generations to trace back on. 

Author: Jackson Roberts

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