Netflix & Chills: Death Whisperer – Bone-Chilling Depths from Thailand

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“Welcome to Netflix and Chills,” where one person’s nightmare is another’s thrilling dream come true, especially for those eagerly awaiting the next terrifying addition to Netflix’s lineup.

Movie: “Death Whisperer”

Synopsis: Set in 1972, in rural Thailand, a family of six, consisting of parents and their three sons and three daughters, face torment from a demonic presence residing within a haunted tree on their farm. As their middle daughter, Yam, becomes increasingly susceptible to full possession by the demon, the family must unite to rescue her from its sinister clutches.

Review: Netflix’s latest horror film to grace its Fear-chasing catalogue is “Death Whisperer,” also known as “Tee Yod.” Directed by Thaweewat Wanta, it’s the first Thai horror film to hit IMAX in Thailand. Eerily enough, it’s based on true events relayed by author Krittanon, who recounts a terrifying experience that happened to his mother’s family when she was fifteen years old.

This speculation alone should pique viewers’ curiosity, especially since it delves into the supernatural realm. The film takes place on a farm in rural Thailand in 1972, and let’s be real—settings where “no one can hear you scream” seem like a stomping ground for bone-chilling ghost encounters, and in this case, something far worse – a demon!

From scenic landscape shots to the neon lights of a Ferris wheel at the small-town fair, viewers who have never experienced rural Thailand will be enchanted by the country’s whimsical surroundings.

Horror fans don’t get too comfortable though because this tranquil feel is shattered right from the start in “Death Whisperer’s” opening scene, where viewers get a taste of the demon’s blood-curling agenda. Not trying to give a spoiler alert, but let’s just say once this demon takes hold of its host, it ends in a pretty gory explosion. On a side note, the makeup artists on this film should get an A+ for realism.

A towering, aged tree that exudes an aura of sinister power situated on the family’s farm is at the forefront of this story as three sisters uneasily pass it on the way to school.

The scene sets a magical and eerie tone, igniting the imagination and building anticipation for what’s to come as the sisters spot a long-haired, pale figure of a woman in the shadows of the tree, with eyes replaced by an eerie white glow leaving the sisters to quickly scurry away. A viewer would think the sisters would huddle together to discuss this sighting, but the movie seems to move on with the knowledge of maybe this was all collectively in their imagination, but perfect storytelling or not, this was a creepy way to start the movie’s horror engine.

The hope was for the movie to maintain the ethereal feeling of horror it began with, but unfortunately, it started to drag a bit, becoming the opposite of a slow burn and more of a campfire that needs to be re-lit. However, the movie experiences more than one power surge. An example of this is when the middle sister, Yam, falls mysteriously ill, marking the beginnings of demonic possession.

At the same time, the eldest brother, Yak, arrives to help the family on the farm. His presence brings much-needed comic relief, essential for a good horror film. In one particular scene, Yak vents his frustration towards his father’s strictness with his sisters, remarking, “You don’t want them to become shut-ins and frown like a constipated person.” The family’s laughter ensues, setting the stage for viewers to anticipate some meme-worthy quotes—after all, these are the offbeat silly moments on which cult horror followings are built upon.

Once again, the movie makeup done on the demons and their demonic predecessors that arise throughout the film make for some standout moments. Viewers can understand why this film is dubbed Thailand’s “Evil Dead,” as it delivers standout scares with a twist of humor especially when the demons get feisty with their words.

Whether it’s a decrepit zombie-like woman oozing black goo from her mouth and leaping through a bedroom window, or the haunting wails of a demonic force in the dark of night, viewers are in for spine-tingling moments of terror that will leave them feeling uncomfortably weak. So, check out this movie for the blood-curdling, detailed-looking demons and the scenes filled with mystique and humor amidst the horror.

This film rates a 6/10 on the “scareometer,” featuring some standout scares, but viewers may have to fast forward at times to get to the good parts .

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