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Golden Years or Tarnished Ride: Can Metro Keep Seniors Safe on Public Transit?

Aging is difficult for a number of reasons and is experienced very individually. Some resent the act of getting older while others believe it’s a gift and should be celebrated. In addition to wrinkles and arthritis, depending on what community one lives in, aging might also mean losing your independence when it comes to getting from A to B, and more importantly, doing so safely.
Just a little over a decade ago catching the bus wasn’t only challenging for younger adults. Drivers would pass by and not stop at the designated bus station, leaving the passenger stranded and confused until the arrival of the next vehicle. 
Something had to change and Metro delivered.

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DT Weekly’s Awesome Plan for an Unforgettable Mother’s Day (and Night) in the City

No matter her age or stage in life, mom deserves to feel appreciated and celebrated….

La athletic club
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Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Fitness: A Look Inside LA Athletic Club Transformation

The Los Angeles Athletic Club (LAAC) just unveiled a multimillion-dollar renovation project with extensive enhancements…

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Netflix & Chills: Death Whisperer – Bone-Chilling Depths from Thailand

“Welcome to Netflix and Chills,” where one person’s nightmare is another’s thrilling dream come true,…

99 cent stores close
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Can Pic ‘N’ Save the 99 Cents Only Stores?

99 Cents Only Stores, a cherished emblem of Los Angeles commerce, faces its sunset. Born from the bustling aisles of Grand Central Market, the chain, headquartered in Commerce, announced on Friday, April 5, the closure of all 371 stores.

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Dignity Health Heart of the City Wellness Fest Headed to South Park

Founded in 1887, Dignity Health – California Hospital Medical Center is a 318-bed, acute care,…

March madness dtlaweekly
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10 Great DTLA Sports Bars – Scoring Points with March Madness

It’s that time of year again: March Madness is upon us. While it’s unclear whether…

Wayfarer hotel
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Meet Your Makers Event at Hotel Wayfarer Pits Bartender Against Bartender

Guests of The Wayfarer DTLA should brace for battle Thursday, March 21st as WhistlePig Whiskey…

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Aristocratix: The Art Show with Balls— Literally

You’ve heard of “eyes wide shut,” but the Aristocratix interactive art show celebrating everything nude…

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Dog Nabbed – Precious Pup Still Missing After Brave Owner’s Perilous Attempt

An every dog owner’s nightmare became reality for Ali Zacharias on January 18, 2024, while eating a late lunch just outside Whole Foods in DTLA on the patio near 8th and Grand. Her dog was stolen from her.

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Sold! Downtown LA Skyline Reshuffles as Aon Center Sells for $148 Million

The Los Angeles skyline may soon see a new chapter for its iconic Aon Center,…

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Massive Protest in Support of Palestinian Rights Bleeds Into the Streets of Downtown Los Angeles

The sun soaked day couldn’t have shown a brighter light on the sentiments of thousands…