New Sayfer App Promises Anonymous Hate Crime Reporting

In response to the concerning increase in hate crimes across the United States, the Center for Freedom and Safety (CFS) has unveiled the Sayfer app, a revolutionary tool designed to combat these kinds of serious crime.

The hope is that the Sayfer app will work by combining two powerful things: community engagement and advanced technology.

The Sayfer app, which was launched in Los Angeles on April 12, 2024, at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset in Bel Air, is the first app of its kind. It provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for individuals to anonymously or identifiably document and report hate crimes in their community.

Hate crimes in the United States saw a nearly 12% rise from 2020 to 2021, with the FBI’s March 2023 report indicating that 65% of victims were targeted based on their race or ethnicity, 15% due to sexual orientation, and 14% because of their religion.

This increase highlights the serious need for modern solutions like Sayfer, which not only allows for the fast and easy reporting of these incidents, but also fosters a close connection between community members and law enforcement agencies.

Suzanne Brown, Executive Director of the Center for Freedom and Safety, emphasized the app’s ability to empower individuals against the rise in hate crime.

Suzanne Brown, Executive Director of the Center for Freedom and Safety – photo by Keri Freeman

“Sayfer emerges as a beacon of hope, enabling people to report incidents with confidence, either identifiably or anonymously,” she stated. “Every report funneled through our Sayfer app is a strike against the shadows where hate thrives, reinstating power into the hands of victims and witnesses, while equipping law enforcement with the initial research-based analyses needed to activate responsiveness with precision and empathy.”

The app’s technology allows users to securely submit evidence of hate crimes. Each report is thoroughly evaluated by trained analysts who maintain a direct line to law enforcement, making sure that each claim is taken seriously and addressed promptly.

This process helps make sure that actionable, unbiased, and verified information is shared with the appropriate authorities, aiding in the pursuit of justice and enhancing community safety.

Beyond that, Sayfer offers real-time notifications about local and national hate crime trends, providing users with updates that can help them stay informed, alert, and – most importantly – safe. This feature is especially significant for communities frequently targeted by hate crimes, such as Black, Jewish, and LGBTQ+ populations.

As hate crimes continue to challenge the fabric of society, the Sayfer app represents a critical step forward in community-based prevention and response strategies. Hopefully, it will be a powerful tool in a brighter, and safer, future.

Author: Jonathan Sherman

Jon Sherman is a writer and filmmaker living in Los Angeles. You can find him exploring hiking trails, checking out local sushi spots, and catching recently released movies in theaters. You can reach him at