Everything You Need to Know About 2023 LA Art Show Coming to Downtown Los Angeles

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Collectors grab your check books – Art Enthusiasts – Get ready to be wowed Inspiring artists – Grab your paintbrushes and palettes – The LA Art Show, LA’s largest and longest-running art fair, will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center on February 15–19th.

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The LA Art Show creates one of the largest and longest running international art fairs in the world, providing an exciting, immersive, insider art experience to sponsors, their select guests and VIP clients.

Guided by the leadership of LA Art Show producer and director Kassandra Voyagis, this year’s fair has a variety of programming intended to inspire.

“We’re back with a bang,” said Voyagis. “I’m blown away by the scope of work represented at this year’s show and incredibly honored to help bring it all together. We’re welcoming an extraordinary group of diverse global artists and galleries, learning from each other, and sparking important conversations.” 

The Fair’s non-commercial program, and cultural anchor, DIVERSEartLA returns with an ambitious agenda, addressing the global climate crisis. The 2023 edition, curated by Marisa Caichiolo, includes eight art institutions, museums and non-profits presenting an interdisciplinary solo project from video installations and immersive experiences to augmented reality and community-oriented projects, which examine not just how the environment is represented in art but how humanity’s place in the world is depicted.

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DIVERSEartLA is the only educational project of its kind in the United States and featuring in 2023 are both first-timers and important returning museums like MOLAA Museum of Latin American Art and Art Museum of the Americas (AMA).

TRANSformation by MRG Fine Art in partnership with Zero Two 20 promises to be a thought-provoking exhibition, creating an open platform for emerging and established talent of diverse backgrounds. The exhibition proposes that foundational transformation is inherent in the evolutionary process of both artists and society alike, and encourages us toglimpse our future through the window of contemporary art. 

A Bold and Diverse Global Lineup 

The LA Art Show 2023 includes the exciting return of the European Pavilion; the debut of the Japanese Pavilion featuring 6 galleries from Japan; and more South Korean artists and galleries than ever before in testament to the country’s thriving arts scene. The South Korean presence includes: 

Gallery Chaman highlights Sori Choi, an internationally-recognized Korean percussionist known for performing traditional Korean music styles and contemporary music. Choi will show his artwork for the first time in Los Angeles at the LA Art Show. Choi works on copper plates, aluminum and other metals, visually expressing his music using dance-like movement to paint, fire to transform color, and objects like drumsticks to create indentations based on the idea that every object and energy has its own sound. 

JJ Art Inc. presents Lee Jin Hyu, whose art seeks to expand the realm of expressionism and capture the dramatic moments of his exceptional life’s journey, beginning in Seouland then the Middle East – where he experienced socialism as a young adult – before traveling to Spain and later around the world. His exhibited works at this year’s show document an immigrant’s joys and dreams through a variety of mediums including objects, mixed media, and LEDs on flat drawings. He has had over 37 solo exhibits in Seoul, Spain, Singapore, and other countries. 

DIVERSEartLA features Korean Artist Han Ho’s “Eternal Light,” a massive nine-part multimedia work made in partnership with ReflectSpace Gallery, the City of Glendale Library Arts and Culture Department, and Culture Nomad Arts Center (Seoul). The work, which was inspired by Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgment,” uses traditional art, technology and performance to re-imagine an apocalyptic scenario for the 21rst century, creating space for us to contemplate our future and the current existential threats we face.

Work by Ukrainian Artist Denis Sarazhin

The LA Art Show also features recent work from Ukrainian artist-turned-refugee Denis Sarazhin:

When Steve Diamant, owner of Arcadia Contemporary, planned a solo show with Sarazhin in 2022, he had no idea that Russia’s impending war would leave Sarazhin working as a refugee. 

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With generous support from Diamant and a GoFundMe campaign, Sarazhin and his wife were able to secure accommodations in the U.S. He has been able to continue his work, transmuting the chaos and uncertainty of his unraveling life into paintings of wild transformation. The LA Art Show will feature his most recent work as well as works from Sarazhin’s first, one-man exhibition at Arcadia Contemporary’s gallery in December.

In Continued Support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Since 2015, the LA Art Show has been a strong and unwavering supporter of St. Jude Children’s

Research Hospital® as it leads the way the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Donating 15% of all ticket proceeds to St. Jude and its life-saving mission, the LA Art Show is proud to bring together St. Jude and the art community.

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