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BEHIND THE LENSES: Dance Camera West Finds New Home on Broad Stage

With so many stage performances now having to streaming live after making adjustments due to…

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California Restaurant Association: The Hot Sauce of the Rebellion

What a great time to be a member of the California Restaurant Association. For roughly…

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Find Your Parrot: Cocodealers Coconut Shop

In the heart of the Arts District, located between a local candle shop, RXLA, and a…

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5 Greatest Health Trends of 2021 and the Healthy Beverages That Go With Them

Living through months in a pandemic has lent many to less-than-healthy habits, extra weight, and…

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Carjacker Steals “Downtown News” Delivery Truck, Kills Biker Before Crashing Moments Later

Viewers watched in horror over Martin Luther King Holiday weekend as surveillance video footage showed…


What in the Hell is Going On With Pershing Square?

It may be little, but oh, is it so mighty…mighty controversial.  DTLA’s one-block wonder, Pershing…

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Karate, Love & Basketball: Team Panasonic Gives Big Screens to Little Tokyo’s Terasaki Budokan

More big news for Terasaki Budokan (Little Tokyo Service Center) as Panasonic, a leading global…

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Lion Real Estate HQ Leaves Downtown Den in Search of Suburbs

Lion Real Estate Group (‘Lion’) is a real estate investment and asset management firm focused on…

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Downtown Mourns the Passing of Tommy Lasorda

Hall of Fame Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda, who spent seven decades in the Dodger organization…

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Hitz Foundation Launches Hero Theater’s 10 Year Nuestro Planeta – in Support of LatinX Theater & Film

Downtown L.A.’s Hero Theatre and Hero Multimedia have launched Nuestro Planeta, a ten-year multimedia new works initiative that focuses on…

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Music To Your Ears – Fhedesh: Welcome the Darkness

In the last days of two-thousand and twenty, Downtown Weekly accepted an invitation to visit…