The Return of Writ Large Projects Brings Race, Politics and Poetics to the Los Angeles Theater Center 

Writ large press

Race, Politics and Poetics, is the latest live reading produced by Writ Large Projects and featuring four of the most acclaimed poets who talk it like they walk it: Tongo Eisen-Martin, Viva Padilla, Matt Sedillo & Alyesha Wise.

Poets will be presented in the round robin style with a discussion hosted by Writ Large Projects, Peter Woods.

The aim of this reading series is present the work of these titans, engage listeners around race relations in our City of Los Angeles (a timely matter, wouldn’t you say) and to discuss the role of poetry in shaping identity statements as well as building bridges between the Black and Brown Community. If anything, it should lead to self- reflection and further strengthen our communities by recognizing commonalities and shared struggles. 


Sharing our words and experiences to one another, not only allows for more awareness but helps to open doors to more complete and systemic understanding.

This free event will be held on December 8th, 2022 at the Latino Theater Center in Downtown L.A. at 514 S. Spring Street from 7pm-9pm & is produced in conjunction with The DTLA Chamber of Commerce, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts, The DTLAWeekly and the Los Angeles Theater Center.

Author: Keri Freeman

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