Plants Take Over the World at Immersive Vkind Experience Coming to The Magic Box

V kind experience

“What if plants took over the world?”

That’s what the immersive Vkind Experience (VKX2023), coming to the Magic Box in Los Angeles this November 11th and 12th, is set to explore across an 11-room multicultural, multi-sensory event. The event also includes a Vkind Studios short film premier of “The Next Girl,” support for four worthy nonprofit organizations, and a world’s-first vegan product launch.

Exploring VKX2023

As users explore the event’s 11 rooms, VKX2023 immerses attendees in visually captivating worlds that explores all corners of the globe with sights, sounds, and tastes from each region — imagine dining at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Giza, or on the ice banks of the Arctic, or in the Amazon rainforest. The event will feature plant-based cuisine inspired by all seven continents and beyond in a menu created by a world-class culinary team headed up by celebrity vegan chef Chris Tucker.

VKX2023 will also feature a new product debut from Southern California-based plant-based egg producer, Yo Egg. The company’s innovative quail-sized egg, developed specifically for VKX2023, will be showcased in a custom dish in the event’s Asia room curated by Tucker, adding a unique culinary dimension to the event. “Yo Egg is truly in a class of its own and what they are bringing to the event is going to blow people away — the taste, the texture, it might just be my favorite product on the market!” Tucker said.

Star Simmons, founder of Vkind, says the product is not “just an egg” but is an experience “not to be missed.”

“We’re here to push the envelope and with the help of Yo Egg, we’re creating something that has never been done before,” Simmons said.

Attendees at the event will also be able to view the world premier of the short film, “The Next Girl,” which takes viewers on a journey into a dystopian world where an adolescent girl is trapped in an horrific injustice.

“The Next Girl” unfolds a compelling story about the challenges of our current times, a story that we felt compelled to share,” says Simmons. “I am extremely excited to introduce this impactful narrative to attendees at our Vkind Experience in November. It’s going to leave people talking.”

 Community Support

Vkind is also leveraging the event to support four nonprofits. Jia Dadabhoy, Partner and Event Producer at Vkind, expressed excitement about the event’s philanthropic efforts. “We are so thrilled that this incredible event can be a force for good.”

The four nonprofit partners benefiting from the event’s proceeds are Saffyre Sanctuary, Vegans of LA, One Tree Planted, and Unchained TV.

Saffyre Sanctuary, a vegan equine charity, specializes in rescuing horses and providing them with the care they need. “We are extremely inspired by the work and message that VKind is bringing into the world,” said Esta Bernstein, Saffyre’s founder and CEO. The contribution from VKX2023 will go towards essentials such as feed, supplements, vet care, and farrier services for the sanctuary’s horses.

Vegans of LA, the first vegan food bank in Los Angeles, will use the event’s proceeds to support its holiday meal program. Gwenna Hunter, the founder of Vegans of LA, expressed her excitement, saying, “I am super excited about this event because it feels like such a huge mystery and something that has never been done before.”

Unchained TV, the world’s only plant-based streaming TV network, will receive a percentage of proceeds to support its programming. Founder Jane Velez-Mitchell expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “UnchainedTV is thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking and unique celebration of vegan cuisine.” The network continues to offer a diverse range of plant-based content to its viewers.

Vkind will also make a donation to the nonprofit One Tree Planted as part of the event’s proceeds. This donation will support the organization’s Amazon Rainforest project, focused on protecting forests and restoring degraded land. The project involves working with local farmers to establish sustainable agroforestry practices.

VKX2023 is a family-friendly event with a supervised kids room so guests can leave children while they explore the rest of the rooms. There’s a VIP lounge, a networking area, and plenty of venue parking.

Author: Jackson Roberts

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