Councilmember Kevin de León Still Fuming Over Fight with Activist Releases Official Statement

DTLA and its City Hall Mile High Club are changing the way the world views politicians. Seems when they aren’t gambling, sexually advancing, gerrymandering or holding their breath for incredibly long periods of time to prevent the spread of Covid, they are getting in no holds barred death matches with the public… and kicking our asses?

Our latest batch of game changers include Councilmember Kevin de León, Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo and many others who have in recent months pulled off their mask, put on the gloves to showed us what they are truly made of.

Surprisingly somewhere in between the promises, hard work and baby kissing photo opps, they are all still very human; with emotions and biases, fierce leap before you look mentalities and insatiable sex drives. So where does that leave us? In the wake of the realization that nobody’s perfect or on the brink of destruction?

Not backing down

Followed by a storm of negative press stemming from a taped conversation, upon which a black toddler was being compared to handbags and monkeys, Councilmember Kevin de León hasn’t had a moments rest.

Outside his home, at City Hall and during his community events, protestors have been showing up making each of his appearances a living hell. His latest run in with a protestor on October 9, at a family event in Lincoln Heights, is now being broadcast over mainstream and social media, but de León is showing the world he’s not the type to back down. Wrong or right…He’s not backing down from the backlash or demands for a recall and he’s surely not backing down from a fight.”

Watch the full video… Courtesy of Roots Action (Fair use – public domain – freedom of press)

The video appears to show Kevin de León fiercely attacking activist Jason Reedy. Of course everything looks sexy in slow motion but Reedy doesn’t look like he can hold his own in a fight. Instead he’s getting man handled by de León like no other protestor in CD14 history.

Due to the video beginning mid tussle, de León released an official statement with a commentary that sounded more like a bad porn script complete with pelvic thrust and head butts? But hey, this is CD14, so we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s Kevin de Leon’s official statement.

“A group of so-called ‘activists’ — who have been harassing my staff and me for more than a year — cornered and physically assaulted me, a staff member, and a volunteer during a holiday event on Friday evening.  

Jason Reedy and his accomplices started by shouting obscenities and disrupting a community toy giveaway and tree lighting ceremony already underway. I decided to try to exit the event to draw the disrupters away from the attending families and children and leave without further incident. Still, we discovered Reedy and others had blocked all available exits. 

Once we were able to push open a door and try to get out, Reedy launched a pelvic thrust, followed by a headbutt to my forehead. My response, in defense of myself, was to push him off of me. In the ensuing struggle, Reedy struck me in the face with a closed fist, violently elbowed a female staff member, and injured a volunteer in front of horrified parents and children. 

The escalating political rhetoric is beyond unacceptable, now turning verbal threats into physical acts of violence. It’s a dangerous pattern that must end before more serious harm or loss of life occurs.  Leaders must collectively step up to curb rising hostilities towards staff and elected officials. In no way is violence a form of free speech and acts like these have no place in politics or democracy.

Geez… DTLA… If FAFO was a politician.

Author: Keri Freeman

Military mom and proud parent, artist, writer, musician and film maker. Cocktail connoisseur. Publisher of DTLA Weekly.

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