10 Great Places for TakeOut in Downtown LA – Part 1.

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6. Localita (Locali Yours)


Vegans rejoice at Localita Badasserrie. Located in the nook of one of Los Angeles Street’s most historic buildings, the tiny sandwich shop has windows and no sign except for a number to call when you’re outside for pickup. However, don’t let the tiny location fool you, the space is just the right size to fix environmentally conscious varieties of bread, meat substitutes and gourmet spreads. Order the Ruben and fool yourself into thinking you’re eating corned beef. Or try the Nasty, and ponder with every bite why anyone would call such a delicious vegan sausage, loaded with so much flavor such a name. www.localiyours.com

Author: Abel Weiss

Author | Father | Lego Artist | Los Amgeles Born & Raised l