Downtown Soundtrack: Digiannia Stops Traffic with New Single Delincuente

Digiannia dtla musicians

Colombian singer-songwriter Digiannia returns with her new single “Delincuente,” which is released alongside the official music video. This magnetic song tells the story of a radiant and enchanting woman who attracts everything she desires, leaving a trail of stolen hearts. As the first release from her highly-anticipated debut album “Todo Es Amor,” “Delincuente” is setting the tone for the next phase of Digiannia’s career. “Delincuente” is now available on all streaming platforms. 

Delincuente” is a sexy and mesmerizing reggaeton and latin pop track by Digiannia, who, once again, showcases her distinct approach to musical storytelling. The song highlights the various stages of a woman’s journey including her single era, her radiant era, and her magnetic era in which she attracts everyone’s attention. “Delincuente” marks the first release in a series of six subsequent releases scheduled for every four weeks leading up to the release of her album, “Todo Es Amor” in summer 2024. 

Filmed in a popular club in Medellin, Colombia, the official music video for “Delincuente” brings the narrative to life as it puts viewers right in the middle of Digiannia’s power. Digiannia plays the role of a singer who performs in a club visited by influential figures, who become enamored with her and symbolically surrender their hearts to her. A group of dancers who are delinquents, weave their way through the crowd, stealing money, jewelry and more from the entranced visitors. The hypnotic nature of the story will undoubtedly leave viewers mesmerized. 

This release is kicking off an exciting season in Digiannia’s career. Each and every track on the upcoming album “Todo Es Amor” represents the complexities and beauty of womanhood as well as Digiannia’s personal experiences. Always advocating for herself and female empowerment, Digannia is leaving a lasting impact. TAKE A LISTEN –

Author: Hanny Playa

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