US Bank Tower Climb for Los Angeles Celebrates 30 Years at the Top

Us bank building

The US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles, standing at an impressive height of 1,005 feet, is hosting the 30th Anniversary of the Stair Climb for Los Angeles on Friday, September 29, 2023. This iconic event, which features climbers from around the world, involves ascending 1,664 steps, equivalent to scaling 75 stories, using the building’s stairwell.

This historic event is organized to celebrate its 30-year legacy, with participants of all backgrounds and abilities joining in. The climb starts at 8-second intervals in 15-minute waves, ensuring safety as climbers make their way to the rooftop. After descending to a resting floor, participants can enjoy breathtaking views of Downtown Los Angeles, along with complimentary snacks and water for recovery. A rooftop celebration awaits climbers in the garden.

For those interested in combining sightseeing with the climb, a new Urban Hike option is introduced this year, passing by cultural landmarks like MOCA, The Broad, Disney Concert Hall, The Grand LA, and more.

Participants can collect their event packets at the YMCA the day before the climb, which includes essential information and materials.

The event is not just a physical challenge but also a community-driven endeavor. All climbers receive a finisher’s award from YMCA volunteers upon reaching the finish line, while the top three finishers in each category receive winning medals.

The record for the fastest climb is held by Lucas Matison with a remarkable time of 8 minutes and 46 seconds (2016) for males and Erika Aklufi with an impressive 10 minutes and 15 seconds (2012) for females.

As the event approaches on September 29, 2023, the question remains: Will this year bring a new record to this iconic Los Angeles tradition at the US Bank Tower? Downtown Los Angeles will eagerly await the answer.

Author: Jackson Roberts

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