LAUSD to Get Pay Increase, Extended Health Benefits and Covid Bonus with New Deal

Los Angeles Unified School District workers have approved a labor deal following the March 15, 2023 teachers rally held outside of City Hall in downtown Los Angeles and a three-day staff strike over wages and that halted education for students in one of the nation’s largest school systems.

The agreement, which was voted on this week, would increase wages by 30% for workers who are paid an average of $25,000 a year, the Local 99 chapter of the Service Employees International Union said Saturday. It also includes a $1,000 bonus for employees who worked during the COVID-19 pandemic and expanded family health care benefits.

The contract still needs to be approved by the school district’s Board of Education. The school district said the board could take it up for a vote at a meeting on April 18.

Thousands of workers backed by teachers went on strike last month and rallied outside the school district’s headquarters in downtown Los Angeles amid stalled contract talks. The goal was to demand better pay and increased staffing for the bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teachers’ aides and other employees represented by the union.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass thanked the school district and union for coming to an agreement in late March following the strike.

“We must continue working together to address our city’s high cost of living, to grow opportunity and to support more funding for LA’s public schools, which are the most powerful determinant of our city’s future,” the Democrat said in a statement.

The SEIU said many district support staffers live in poverty because of low pay or limited work hours while struggling with inflation and the high cost of housing in Los Angeles County.

Author: Jamie Herrera

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