From ‘School of Hard Knocks’ to Hollywood Closets: Art Lewin Bespoke Tailors LA’s Elite since 1989

Art Lewin bespoke

Art Lewin, the man behind Art Lewin Bespoke, is a name that represents luxury and precision in the world of personalized tailoring. At 56, with an abundance of experience and a passion for his craft, Art Lewin Bespoke stands for mastery in the clothing industry when it comes to custom suits & custom shirts.

He wanted to step in his uncle’s footsteps and become a top 500 Fortune executive shark in the business world, “but I didn’t like school”, Lewin says with a smile. By the time he was 22 years old, he had dabbled in 26 jobs.

It was ‘The School of Many Hard Knocks’ that ultimately paved his journey into the world of tailoring in April 1989. “I was recruited into the business by another Bespoke tailor,” Art recounts, highlighting the serendipitous turn of events that set the course for his career.

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With six locations across Los Angeles, Art Lewin Bespoke is not just about crafting impeccably tailored suits and shirts, it’s about providing an experience of knowledge and comfort with a touch of luxury. ”At all of our 6 locations, we offer free Wifi, easy access for seniors or wheelchairs, and we are of course super LGBTQ friendly,” Art states, emphasizing the inclusive atmosphere that defines his brand.

Reflecting on the journey so far, with confidence Art declares, “We are kicking A$$ so far in 2024.” A proof that unshakable commitment will lead to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Underneath the stitching of high-twist yarn and fine, yet performance-enduring, Italian and English materials, there’s a deeper meaning. Art Lewin believes it’s more than creating clothes; it’s about empowering people to thrive in their fields and become the person they are meant to be. A mutually beneficial situation for everyone involved.

Despite encountering challenges along the path to success, including navigating through the times of the early 1990s Kuwait war, plus personal struggles such as his divorce as well as economic downturns that came with the 2007 recession and the 2020 Covid crisis, Lewin has faced his adversities with determination that never seems to cease. “I persevered and never let go of my aspirations” he reflects, hinting at the ‘why’ behind it all.

And it paid off. Art Lewin Bespoke has reached a high-profile reputation and has attracted media attention and a clientele list filled with celebrities. Being featured in publications like the Los Angeles Times, CNN, and GQ while dressing some of Hollywood’s most renowned actors and attorneys from top law firms, Art continues to establish himself as part of the fabric of custom tailoring.

Looking ahead, Art envisions even more growth and plans to establish two new locations; one in Santa Monica and another in the Westlake Village area. He also eagerly awaits his son to graduate. Lewin hopes to join creative forces and add a new and refreshed take on his company’s craftsmanship.

For those who are not only looking for style but also for a personalized experience of grace, Art Lewin will stitch by stitch, tailor a suit and/or a shirt that will stand the test of time, and perform in line with whatever goals may be chased by the ones wearing it. Yes, it will leave anyone feeling classy and ready to push through their limitations, but more importantly, along with being perfectly tailored to their body type, it will also reflect lifestyle and individuality.

As Art Lewin Bespoke celebrates its legacy, it invites patrons to indulge in its anniversary celebrations with a special offer. Using the coupon code ANNIVERSARYCODE35, customers can enjoy a 35% store credit on any order throughout the entire month of April.

Visit Art Lewin Bespoke at 714 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, Monday through Friday 9 -6 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 9-8 pm and Saturday 9 – 2 pm by appointment (Business Phone: 213-785-2400).

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