Caty & Kim Hair Studio at Salons by JC – Confident & Beautiful

We all have bad hair days. On some of those days, we can suck it up and make do with what we have within our reach. But what happens on those days that we can’t?

We can either suffer at the hands of our own, or while we have the luxury to, use the services of those who’ve trained hard enough to cater to our very own needs. This is where Caty and Kim Hair Salon has come to save the “bad hair day”. Located inside Salons by JC at the Metropolis in Downtown Los Angeles, these ladies provide hair coloring, highlights, styling, haircuts, hair treatments, and so on. But that isn’t all; as most reviews have stated, this studio provides a positive environment for the clients as well as a magical service that is said to leave clients feeling confident and beautiful.

But, before getting into how they are now, let’s get into how these talented stylists started. They built their own platforms based on their hands-on experiences being hairstylists. “It started when I came to Los Angeles from Guatemala,” said Caty. Kim says, “It started my senior year when I would go on weekends to volunteer at a hair salon.” “I’ve always been around the hair business. My mom is a salon owner, so I started doing hair with her and my sister for 13 years,” said Caty. “I started in high school during my senior year. I used to get my hair done by Caty’s mom when I was a little girl. I always liked doing hair and makeup, so my mom told me to come on weekends to help out. I started off sweeping and washing hair to get a vibe. I fell in love with the little things like blow-drying hair. I’ve been doing it for 9-10 years now,” said Kim.

FUN FACT: The Metropolis complex location sits at the center of it all. It’s been billed as “a city within a city.” The complex is an incredible livable place, offering tenants everything from outdoor pools, lounges, eateries, health and beauty services, luxury condominiums, and nightlife entertainment venues, all with unbelievable views of Downtown Los Angeles.

“We were actually looking for a place to do our own thing. We were comfortable where we were for many years, but we wanted to take control of our inventory and be more independent. We found Salons at JC by looking for places nearby. We joined together and now we’re here,” said the two.

While many hair salons offer just hair cuts and treatments, Caty and Kim’s hair studio at Salons by JC offer so much more. While Caty and Kim still offer the regular hair treatments, they offer advice, tips, and tricks on how to take care of hair at home as well as providing tips to promote hair growth. Caty & Kim are located at 877 Francisco St Los Angeles, CA 90017 Monday – Sunday (appointment only).

Author: Bijou-Camille Sab

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