DTLA Vegan Weekend 2024 Brings Fresh New Approach to Cruelty Free Living in the BIG CITY

DTLA Vegan Weekend

It’s official; there’s nothing like “going vegan” to help bring the downtown Los Angeles community together. DTLA Vegan Weekend is an annual three-day event that’s gained great momentum fueled by the community’s enthusiasm and willingness to publicly recognize a cruelty-free lifestyle by celebrating Downtown’s local businesses, vegan events, and farmer’s markets. 

This year, DTLA Vegan Weekend will offer a whole line-up of destinations and product specials to help DTLA Go Vegan!!

DTLA Vegan Weekend is an original concept and a first-of-its-kind community-driven event presented by Downtown Weekly. Other unique events produced by our community newspaper include DTLA Pizza Week, DTLA Burger of the Year, DTLA Coffee Week, DTLA Beer Battles, and DTLA Gray Pride Month.

Take the #DTLAVeganChallenge

From June 20th to June 23rd, Downtown LA and beyond are invited to take the DTLA Vegan Challenge. 

Sergeant Vegan, as seen in the DT Weekly, winner “DTLA Vegan of the Year 2023”

That means; no cheese, no dairy, no animal skins, no beeswax, and, of course, no meat. And we’re not against reposting your experiences on our social media pages for all the world to see. 

Last year, DT Weekly shared our DTLA Vegan event guide and newspaper articles with the help of local vegan businesses, celebrities, and an a-list of social media influencers. 

This year, we’ll do it again, plus we’re inviting everyone to share their experiences at several local Downtown Los Angeles destinations for a chance to win the title of “Vegan of the Year” and a special DTLA Vegan dinner for two. 

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Author: Hanny Playa

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