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It’s no secret that our being stylish takes a toll on Mother Earth. Sure, supporting smaller brands and locally handmade labels create less of a footprint but what happens when it’s time to clean those consciously produced pieces? 

Taking them to your typical dry cleaner down the street, may defeat the purpose. 

Luckily for Mother Nature, downtown is enjoying new easy access to greener, safer alternatives when it comes to clothing care. Namely, the newest addition to the scene: Bee Organic Dry Cleaning.

Bee’s Organic Cleaners touts themselves as being a 100% toxin free cleaner choice, using only biodegradable solutions that are water based. 

From water usage to hazardous cleaning solutions, every step in the process matters. 

The company prides itself on a 12-step cleaning and inspection process to ensure the quality of every service. A service that DTLA is more than willing to partake in.

According to Fatima Doo, co-owner of Bee Organic Dry Cleaning, the company has been enjoying a welcome reception since joining downtown, and have been able to keep up operations.

Being that Downtown LA is the most walkable neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles as well as gaining more popularity, we knew it was the perfect location for us,” says Fatima Doo. 

Why choose Bee’s organic dry cleaning? 

Beyond the environment, there’s another real potential danger when it comes to choosing a dry cleaner: what chemicals are involved, and how they affect the human body. 

A chemical commonly used in dry cleaning called perchloroethylene, or more commonly known as ‘perc’, is speculated to be linked to serious conditions including esophageal and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.

In an attempt to protect consumers, California mandated that companies remove machines that use perc by 2023, meaning the threat is still very much present though the future looks promising.  

“Typical dry cleaning methods use toxic ingredients that are potentially carcinogenic to clean your clothes. Truly, organic dry cleaning methods do away with the use of harmful elements, allowing for an organic cleaning process from beginning to end,” says Doo. 

California is leading the way by putting forth regulations that aim to eliminate the use of the toxic chemical still used in traditional dry cleaning with environmentalists forward to the days of no-perc as being the norm in this industry. 

Until 2023, dry cleaners and service companies that still use machines and cleaning techniques that include ‘perc’ are able to operate under the condition they phase out the old machines and models for a more health conscious approach. 

In the meantime, along with choosing to support more sustainably produced collections, shoppers and fashionistas can choose cleaners like Bee Organic that offer safer and toxin-free alternatives that are safer for all involved: the garment, it’s wearer, and the environment. 

Need another reason to dry clean at Bee’s?  

Bee’s further their catering to downtown residents by offering drop off and pick up services, as well as residential building pick up options for those living nearby.

“Although we do offer pick-up and delivery services, we also take pride in having a physical store location that allows us to interact and communicate with our customers on a regular basis. We are fortunate to be able to stay open for our customers during this unprecedented time, and happy to offer free no-contact pick-up and delivery throughout the Downtown area.”

Bee Organic Dry Cleaners

417 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015 (213) 444-8009

Author: Keri Freeman

Military mom and proud parent, artist, writer, musician and film maker. Cocktail connoisseur. Publisher of DTLA Weekly.

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