DTLA Back At It! Pattern Bar ReOpens On 9th & Main


Whether you’re a lost angel, traveling tourist or community anchor, Downtown agrees, the Pattern Bar is the number one favorite bar destination in Fashion District.

Located on the southwest corner of 9th Street (where Spring and Main collide), the Pattern Bar, also known as the House of Agave, has reopened with a thriving heartbeat of house musics, lite bites and finest selection of eclectic agave spirits around.

Still sexy, sultry, and as stimulating as ever despite all the changes in operations the bar had to deal with, The Pattern Bar has been able to make quite a comeback thanks to managing partner, brand and marketing manager Misael Villa and his incredible team. 

Five year Pattern Bar verteran and mixologist, Mark Vail is showcasing his third menu to date. His menus have included beverages named after famous designers in the past, like “the Channel” as well as their new agave based menu featuring “the Spell Bound” a mix of mezcal los Javis, strawberries and rhubarb bitters topped with a leaf of burning sage.  A unique way to purify the energy inside the Pattern Bar’s 100 year-old Historic location.

The mid-sized room is rightfully designed with an open-air industrial feel reminiscent of days of old. It’s interior colors center mostly around black and white call attention to the room’s dual pillars, centered mirrors, and wide black vinyl booth seating located directly across from the black paint bar with row of with black iron bar stools.

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Large bay windows open the place to fresh air and natural light comes in from all directions illuminating the venue from its high ceilings to its vintage black and white checkered floor.

Providing harmonious house music, with ‘delicioso’ drinks, has always been a successful combination at the Pattern Bar.

Recently the bar has added one of LAs favorite vegan street food vendors.

Alchemy Organica is now serving their magnificent mexican vegan menu on Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays and their neighbors verdaderos crazy tacos Wednesday and Thursday. 

What could be better than music and food paired with your favorite beverage?  How about a gourmet coffee shop in the same place?

Starting sooner than later you will be able to enjoy fresh, cultivated coffee from 7am – 2pm.

All in all, the Pattern Bar is a sure fire win for a good time.  Not to mention the fact that you could easily recognize one of your favorite celebrities or famed fashion designers sipping a cocktail from time to time.

The tantalizing trio of food, drinks, and tunes make for an enjoyable afternoon, evening and soon to be morning, giving DTLA the option to begin the day or end it at the Pattern Bar during some of DTLAs happiest hours. Cheers.

Photos by Eric Epperson

Author: Matthew Ryan

Writer and Lead Sales Rep l ryanmatthew366@gmail.com