Stay Healthy DTLA – Your Guide to Health in the Big City …Part 1

Robeks DTLA

Presenting the first destination on DT Weekly Stay Healthy DTLA Campaign, Robeks DTLA in South Park, because every day is a new day to improve your health.

If you’re searching for a delicious smoothie, açaí bowl, or gourmet toast, look no further than Robeks DTLA in South Park.

Robeks DTLA, a leader in the smoothie franchise business, is nestled between two gyms and two coffee shops. It is completely surrounded by the promise of South Park’s new loft developments.

There’s just enough room behind the counter at Robeks for just about every nutritious fruit and vegetable known to man, all waiting patiently for their chance to be chopped, squeezed or blended before meeting “the hummingbird” found on each cup.

Blenders hum from 8 am to 7:30 pm, as a steady flow of customers return each day for their low carb, low sugar smoothies so packed with flavor.

Medical journals show the best source for antioxidants comes from consuming foods such as kale, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, oranges, beets, and a longer list of naturally occurring unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

Robeks DTLA purposely blends these high-quality foods sourced from organic growers. They blend to boost nutrition; they blend to bolster immunity and add energy. They blend to appease the hummingbird.

Robeks fresh juices come with cool titles like “The Hero’s Garden” with fresh green spinach, Matcha green tea, pineapple, banana, spirulina, flaxseed, and apple juice.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If so, what can adding spirulina and flaxseed do?

Ladies and gentlemen… Au Lac on Bunker Hill.

Au lac

Âu Lạc is home to all-natural plant-based cuisine operated by restauranteurs Linh Nguyen and Chef Ito. Linh is our gracious host, and Chef Ito, a quiet fellow, only uses his mouth to taste. He does not talk. He hasn’t spoken in 20 years. Chef Ito has taken a vow of silence and ask you to let the food speak for itself.

And it does. It speaks with perfect diction, it screams delicious, and it whispers in your ear, “you’re doing the right thing.”

Linh and Chef Ito harness the power of healing foods and fuse them within memorable Vietnamese-inspired dishes.

Meat is never missed at Au Lac because of their well-prepared, thought-out meals. Knowing each ingredient’s beneficial affect on your health, Chef Ito creates dishes like Spicy Calamari. Here’s a crispy plate of battered organic eryngii mushrooms sautéed with ginger, garlic, chives, Thai basil, and Thai chili peppers served with chef’s dipping sauce and black rice. The crispy calamari mushroom rings are such a complete substitute in flavor and texture they make you wonder why we still fish the sea?

The Ravioli Rosa is made with Vidalia onion, and cannellini bean ravioli prepared in sun-dried tomato and macadamia cream sauce topped with vegan parmesan and fresh basil served with toasted garlic bread.

One item on the menu is of particular health interest. Au Lac serves the not so well known, Gynostemma tea, aka Miracle Grass. There’s a name that speaks for itself.

Winning the hearts of fans from around the world, Au Lac is not only a restaurant; it’s a purpose. The creators have been here for our health from the beginning, serving dishes with ingredients they knew along would heal and sustain us.

Au Lac is not only a restaurant; it’s a loudspeaker for what the vegan movement has become. Delicious, memorable, and relentlessly good for you.

Wish For Health at Nature Well in the Historic Core

What if there was a magical wishing well somewhere in the Historic Core of downtown Los Angeles where you could close your eyes, make a wish and toss in an almond. Then magically prepared before your very eyes, your nutritious Açaí bowl topped with sliced bananas and sweet strawberries, buried beneath ripe blueberries and hemp seed sprinkles. 

You wished for health. You wished well. 

Nature way

If you are on a specific health plan, whether for weight management or sports conditioning or over all wellness, Naturewell can recommend the best smoothies and juices for your dietary requirements.

Rooted within the Spring Arcade Building in the Historic Core, this convenient one stop shop for fruits and vegetable smoothies, juices and açaí bowls will help your body attack free radicals, boost immunity, add essential vitamins and minerals to your diet and aid in digestion. Enzymes present in several fruits help dissolve body fat and clear up your circulatory system.

You’ve Been Stressing

Organic fruits and vegetables serve as excellent stress busters. Smoothies made of fresh ingredients relieve stress, balance hormones, and help you stay happier and healthier longer.

Keep making wishes to replenish and take overall good care of yourself with the help of Naturewell.

Tulsi – Intersection of Health and Diversity in the Old Bank District

As individuals, each responsible for our own health and well-being, it’s up to us to find our own paths to love and joy. Luckily for DTLA, Main and Forth Street is the path to Tulsi Indian Eatery.

Visionaries Chirag Shah, CEO, Antonio Kanickaraj, Director of Operations, and Amjad “AP” Pathan, CMO, opened Tulsi Indian Eatery in DTLA and its sister location in Northridge almost simultaneously in 2020. There are even plans of another Tulsi brick and mortar coming to the Finance District later this year.

Their purposeful intent was to bring Indian food into America’s franchise food scene, and they are set right on course. Four courses, please.

Tulsi Indian Eater DTLA

Where traditionally, Indian food restaurants have been dimly lit enclaves run by mom and pops, offering well-known mainstream dishes and buffets, Tulsi Eatery brings America affordable, exotic items most may have not yet been exposed to.

Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is a healing plant found and celebrated in India for its immune-boosting qualities. Tulsi Eateries offer several flavors of probiotic and immune-enhancing lassis, along with dishes prepared with the healing spices of India.

The Journey Into Spirituality Begins at Art District’s Wisdome LA

Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than thyself, something more to being human than on a singular plane. Spirituality establishes a connection between our experience in this realm and the next and answers the question: If we are cosmic or divine, how do we tap in to manifest a better life for ourselves and humanity? 

Thanks to Wisdome LA, your mystic journey of spiritual enlightenment awaits right here Downtown. 

Wisdome LA offers a multi-sensory experience that combines music, dance and immersive visuals to build a deep connection to oneself. Rotating gurus and yogis, sound healers meditate under its domes to fulfill their purpose to improve mental health and support stress reduction.


With 14 mystical realms of the universe with mind-blowing art and interactive augmented reality, Wisdome LA brings something new for the spirit to groove to each month.

This month at Wisdome LA, leap into the magical realms of virtual reality, iconic musical art, 3D sound, and a mind-bending 360 IMMERSIVE CONCERT EXPERIENCE as Think:X performs the very best of Pink Floyd’sFloyd’s music live! Beyond the Wall, ft Think:X Immersive 360 Xperience of Pink Floyd’sFloyd’s Music. Jan 21 & 22nd.

Are you ready for Battle? Art Battle LA Returns

Art Battle® LIVE is back and coming to Wisdome LA, January 27th with a silent auction and some thunderous battle cries throughout the evening. 

Art battle

Art Battle LA is part of a National and International Art Battle competition. This one-night tournament at Wisdome LA features 12 artists competing against a 20-minute clock and audience votes. Let the Best Art Win!

Artists competitors include; Plutos, Katherine Zhukovsky, Darren Domingo, Ariana Bennardo, CS Murphy, Michael Jon Vargas, Leekovision, JUJU, Michelle Doand Sabrina (SAB) Evan.

If mind, body, and spirit are one, then a spiritual connection is probably one of the healthiest activities we should set time away for. Wisdome LA opens its doors at 4:00 pm with Mystic Universe 360 Immersive Experience Art Battle LA doors open at 7 pm.

Author: Keri Freeman

Military mom and proud parent, artist, writer, musician and film maker. Cocktail connoisseur. Publisher of DTLA Weekly.