Smile! Beverly Hills Orthodontics Offers $1650 Off Invisalign

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In the beginning, there was a smile. That little act of pulling up the corner of the lips can ignite pretty much anything. Smiling is communication. It’s human, it’s uplifting and people are fascinated by it.

Smiles are as individual as the people wearing them and Dr. Madan DDS, MS from Beverly Hills Orthodontics has made it her life’s purpose to make them better and even more beautiful, no matter what shapes and forms they come in.

Dr. Madan who graduated from Brown University as well as the USC School of Dentistry has thrown conventional methods, together with cold and sterile waiting rooms of a dentist’s office, out the window and dedicated her life to providing superior and modern orthodontic care in a warm, welcoming, and professional environment.

“We are proud to promote living a healthy and happy lifestyle…”, it is stated on the BHO website and their message “Love Yourself, Love Your Smile”, is not just a slogan but the basis for achieving confidence, self-love, and the courage to reach for rare opportunities, in work and play alike.

Seen Here: Office with a view – Featured image: Dr. Madan DDS, MS showing off her great smile – photo courtesy from Beverly Hills Orthodontics

On June 20, 2024, Beverly Hills Orthodontics offers $1650 off any Invisalign package for one day only.

How it works: Call the Beverly Hills office and book the consultation for June 20th. As long as the treatment agreement is signed the same day, a $1650 discount will be automatically applied to any Invisalign packages available.

There will be refreshments, including bubbles and pastries, and among chill background tunes, it will be explained why heavy metal braces are more than outdated and why discreet, comfortable aligners fit seamlessly into any lifestyle.

Another really fun part: Once the treatment agreement is signed and a scan is done, an AI-generated image will reveal the possible outcome of a straight and beautiful, new smile.

Investing in teeth goes beyond aesthetics. According to The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), straighter teeth can also allow for easier cleaning, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Improved bite alignment alleviates jaw pain and speech difficulties.

Even better experience of digestion with more confident chewing.

May the goal be to feel more confident and comfortable in connecting with others or simply to strut down Rodeo Drive with a smile like Julia Roberts once did in Pretty Woman, June 20th, 2024 can be the date to create that new reality.

In Downtown – BHO is located at 740 S. Olive St. Unit 105, Los Angeles, CA 90014 –

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