Intersection of Memory, Humanity, and AI – LA Art Show Set to Return to Downtown Los Angeles

The LA Art Show, LA’s largest and longest-running art fair, returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center February 14-18, 2024. Beyond the breathtaking art, this year’s pioneering new program DIVERSEartLA sparks critical conversations about our world and the future we want to create.

Guided by the leadership of LA Art Show producer and director Kassandra Voyagis, the 29th edition welcomes the return of the fair’s signature curated program DIVERSEartLA: “We are excited to continue facilitating this pioneering program,” said Voyagis. “It ignites important dialogue through art and helps to deepen our understanding of what it means to be human.”

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Curated by Marisa Caichiolo, DIVERSEartLA connects important local and international art institutions to generate thoughtful dialogue through art while also honoring the unique biodiversity of Los Angeles. Last year’s iteration featured nine interdisciplinary projects examining the climate crisis, including inspiring works by artist and ecofeminist Judy Baca and renowned Korean artist Han Ho. This 2024 program explores the intersection of memory, humanity, and AI through a selection of art, technology, and multimedia exhibitions.

“Memory is a fundamental aspect of human experience that shapes our individual and collective identities,” said Caichiolo. “From AI-generated artworks to immersive virtual reality experiences that challenge our sense of self, the works in this edition invites us to consider the opportunities and challenges presented by AI and memory while also raising important questions about the ethical and social implications of relying on AI as a tool for memory and identity.”

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The Los Angeles Convention Center is a behemoth of a building, with an oaring ceilings stretching overhead, dwarfing even the most monumental artworks. While visitors stroll through a maze of art, each booth its own unique ecosystem teeming with creativity.

Los Angeles’s own vibrant art scene explodes onto the show floor, bringing the city’s unique energy and diverse perspectives to the fore. Local talent mingles with international stars, creating a dynamic cross-pollination of ideas and styles.

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The LA Art Show is a magnet for the glitterati, with A-listers rubbing shoulders with art collectors and gallerists in a heady mix of glamour and artistic passion.

But the true magic of the LA Art Show lies not in the size or the spectacle, but in the intimate encounters, with art with each brushstroke igniting a kaleidoscope of emotions.

The LA Art Show is donating 15% of proceeds from every ticket to the life-saving mission of American Heart Association’s Life is Why™ campaign. The American Heart Association, celebrating its centennial in 2024, is LA Art Show’s new charity beneficiary and a global force for healthier lives for all.

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It’s a place to be dazzled by the scale, seduced by the beauty, and ultimately, transformed by the power of art. From the seasoned art collector to the curious newcomer, the LA Art Show has something for everyone.

Author: Jackson Roberts

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