DT Weekly’s Awesome Plan for an Unforgettable Mother’s Day (and Night) in the City

No matter her age or stage in life, mom deserves to feel appreciated and celebrated. And what better place to celebrate than in downtown Los Angeles? Downtown Weekly has the plan for the greatest and most memorable Mother’s Day (and Night) in the city.

The Fountain of Youth 

Photo courtesy of VIP Aesthetics

Here’s a gift mom will surely love. The gift of endless youth. Well, maybe not endless, but at least mom (and dad) can turn back the effects of time thanks to the premiere medical aesthetic services at VIP Aesthetics

Located just west of the 110 on Temple, VIP offers rotating monthly specials meant to defy aging. Now until June 1st, mom can take advantage of 120 units of Botox for $160. And if mom prefers laying and waiting for the pounds to come off instead of sweating it out at the gym, the high-end modern beauty facility features $150 off mom’s first TruSculpt body-sculpting procedure. 

Don’t be surprised if mom comes out looking younger than her children after a few treatments at VIP Aesthetics. 

Fresh new doo, too!

Photo courtesy – Caty & Kris at Salons by JC

Salons by JC in LA isn’t your average salon; it’s a beauty playground filled with talented entrepreneurs offering everything from show-stopping hairstyles to pampering nail treatments, where each stylist has their own unique studio.

Caty & Kris Hair Salon is offering a star-worthy deal: $15 off select blowouts, washes, and treatments! The perfect way for Mom to get a fresh new ‘do.

Forget boring hair color rules! Today’s all about expression. Fancy a vibrant purple hue or a chic pixie cut? Caty and Kris can make it happen.

Fresh New Glow: 

For the working mom: melt away stress and signs of age and leave her feeling rejuvenated with a relaxing facial at Skin Story Med Spa, located at Salons at JC. For the stay-at-home mom, consider creating a spa-like experience at home with beauty tips and care products widely available at the salon for purchase.

From manicures, lashes, massages, even the perfect perfume to complete her look – Salons by JC is a one-stop shop for Mom’s beauty transformation.

Making Magic at the Biltmore: 

Photo courtesy: Legendary Magician David Minkin

Surprise Mom with tickets to a captivating magic show performed by David Minkin at Downtown Los Angeles’ most history-filled timepiece, the Millennium Biltmore.

Built in 1923, the Biltmore is a delightful year-round outing for moms of all ages. With vintage bars, chandeliers, statues, and whispers of long-lost fables, the hotel offers a luxurious experience; everything but food is included. Unless, of course, Minkin brings a rabbit. 

Mothers on the Go! 

Photo Courtesy – Cabra at Hotel Hoxton

Speaking of hotels, whatever she decides, whatever the surprise, bet DTLA has a buffet of lavish hotel restaurants with breathtaking rooftop views and tasty menu items to choose from. For breakfast, brunch, happy hour, or dinner, it’s a sure bet. Mom’s hotel choice comes with a ground-floor, basement, or rooftop eatery just as famous for its delicious bites and celebrity chefs as for its cocktail experience. 

WOW mom with DTLA’s most elegant dinner experience at L’Ora Ristorante at Hotel Per LA. Conduct brunch properly on the rooftop at Cabra at Hotel Hoxton, with views from the Historic Broadway Corridor to the Bendix Building in the Fashion District and beyond.

Photo courtesy – L’Ora Ristorante at Hotel Perla

Perhaps mom would prefer an intimate evening of dim lights, jazz, and traditional plates prepared delicately at the LA Athletic Club. Book a room above LAAC’s inside their hotel and receive access to private club amenities such as the women’s spa, steam-room, message and jacuzzis.

Or treat the entire family to a memorable breakfast with probably the most flavorful pancakes in town at Denae’s Diner at the New Delphi Hotel.

Downtown’s Lucky Bozu Plant: Newest Addition to the Family

Forget about the same old flowers that wilt, a Bozu plant is the perfect gift and reminds mom how much she’s loved all year round. These easy-to-care-for plants are known to enhance the interior look of any downtown dwelling and are traditionally known in Japan for bringing good fortune.

There’s only one catch: each Bozu plant is handcrafted, a bit of a rare find. Luckily, there are a couple of places downtown where you can definitely track them down:

One: The Little Tokyo City Fair held bi-monthly at either Weller Court (check event schedule) or Box Coffee in the Arts District each and every single day. 

Wine Times DTLA with MOM

There is no need to be a sommelier to explore the world of fine wine at Pali Wine in the Arts District. While they craft award-winning, site-specific Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, their tasting experience is perfect for all levels.

Indulge Mom in a casual, dimly lit  wine tasting experience at twilight. With a curated selection of charcuterie and expert guidance, she’ll learn about Downtown’s “sacred grapes” while enjoying delicious pairings, expanding her wine rituals, and discovering new favorites and collectibles for the alter at home. Forever changing the old adage from “aging like fine wine, to “aging with fine wine.”

Ride with Mom into the Future with Waymo 

Photo courtesy Waymo

While Waymo’s self-driving car service is still working out the kinks, this futuristic ride may be just the back to the future reality jolt and elderly mom could appreciate or not. For some moms, the future can be hard to comprehend as it stretches from life’s cherished memories into a future they can only experience beyond the outer realms. 

Note: For some elderly people, rapid technological advancements can be difficult to understand, and they may feel the future is something they can only observe and not participate in. But if mom digs it, then…

She’ll be the coolest grandma on the block, riding around in a self-driving car! Jk… It could be a great way for her to stay connected and independent. https://waymo.com

Remember, It’s All About Mom!

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