Action Packed & Seaweed Wrapped – Sumo + Sushi Comes to the Mayan in DTLA

What could better than eating Sushi in DTLA? Eating Sushi while watching traditional Sumo Wrestlers at the Historical Mayan Theater, that’s what.

Beginning Wednesday, Nov 30th until Saturday, December 3rd, this action packed, seaweed wrapped event will be hosted by legendary Sumo Wrestler, Konishiki.

Meet Sumo legend, Konishiki. 

Photo Courtesy: Sumo + Sushi

Born and raised in Hawaii, Konishiki is also the first non-Japanese-born wrestler to reach ōzeki – the second highest rank in Sumo. With a peak weight of 633 lbs, Konishiki is still the all-time heaviest wrestler in the history of the sport. 

Se Production’s special three-night event will feature a glimpse into the history of sumo, live matches and a Q&A portion where audience members will have the chance to interact with the fighters.

A select few guests will even ‘Get In The Ring!’ to take on the wrestler of their choice.

Sumo Wrestling – As Old as the Gods

Mayan Theater Courtesy of the Mayan

This a form of competitive full-contact wrestling

dates back to 23 BC but legend has it the Japanese Gods had been practicing this ancient ceremonial struggle of Sumo wrestling long before the time of man. 

Famed Sumo wrestlers range from lightweight Aononami a Pro Sumo of 3 Years standing at 5.8, weighing a measly 242 lbs to heavy weights Daikiho a Pro Sumo 7 Years who’s 5’11” and 308 lbs to the heaviest of them all, Tououyama a Pro Sumo 10 Years standing the tallest at 6’2”, weighing in at a whopping 400 lbs. 

Photo Courtesy: Sumo + Sushi

There are several ways to experience Sumo + Sushi with different ticket tiers. If you’re looking to watch the show without a food inclusion, you can purchase ‘The Show [Viewing Only]’ at $75 + fees. 

Guests looking to enjoy a bento box during the event can purchase ‘Sushi + The Show’ at $150 + fees. 

For those looking to be closest to the action with a premium bento box and included drink, you’ll want to buy ‘Front Row: Sushi + The Show’ at $275 + fees.  

There is even a VIP Sky Suite featuring an open bar and your own dedicated sushi chef rolling sushi on demand.  

Photo Courtesy Kombu Sushi

Sushi is being crafted by Kombu Sushi for Front Row and Sky Suite ticket holders and Sushi Roku for Sushi + The Show ticket holders.   

Limited upgrades to ‘Get In The Ring’ with a wrestler are available for $100. Beer, select sake, and mixed drinks will also be available for purchase at the Mayan cash bar.

Tickets are selling quickly following sold out runs in San Francisco and Seattle.

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