A New Era of Downtown Fun: Delphi Hotel Returns Rooftop Cocktails and Luxury Suites Back to the City

Delphi hotel

Feeling nostalgic for the pre-pandemic days of Downtown LA? Missing the electric backdrop, DJ hype, bikini bottoms and fufu rooftop cocktails that once made the corner of 6th and Flower one of Downtown LA’s most beloved gathering spots?

Well, look no further… yearn no more! Those days are back! 

The Delphi Hotel has moved into the space previously occupied by the Standard and it’s just as cool as the old hotel ever was. Well…

It’s managed by the innovative and forward-thinking Crestline Hotels & Resorts and Delphi Hotel has undergone several major updates, including an overhaul of the ground floor and the addition of a new indoor/outdoor lobby bar called the Delphi Lounge & Coffee | Tea Bar. 

And…despite the name change, the Delphi Hotel has managed to retain most of the classic features that made the Standard a Downtown favorite, including the suites with their white, Roman-style bath tubs, colorful lobby décor, and red rooftop seating pods. But, not for long… the rooftop and many parts of the hotel are still under construction and will be unavailable for at least a year.

Still, with 207 rooms arranged over 12 floors, the Delphi Hotel is a sleek and stylish hotel that’s perfect for travelers and party-goers looking for that special touch of Downtown luxury.

The Delphi Hotel also boasts a variety of amenities that will make the stay memorable. From the nightclub and rooftop terrace to the outdoor pool and 24-hour fitness center, there’s always something to do at the Delphi Hotel. 

So, what else is missing?

In Ancient Greece, Delphi was considered the center of the world. In modern times Downtown is considered the center of grand hotel cuisine, but for now The Delphi Hotel may currently rely on lite bites at their stylish coffee bar.

In the upcoming months however, they’re set to debut several new dining venues including a modern diner concept, a food truck rooftop and garden, and a lobby lounge with a private bar experience, returning at least one pre-pandemic nightlife epicenter to DTLAs re-emerging hospitality scene.

Author: Jackson Roberts

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