10 Great Places for Pizza in Downtown Los Angeles

All this talk of Pizza in DTLA got your stomach growling? No worries, DTLA Weekly has got you covered with this year’s list of the 10 Best Pizza Places in Downtown LA. 

Disclaimer: We’re not just naming pizzas for celebrity either, but pointing the community in the direction of those pizza places that truly care about humanity, equality, customer service and satisfying their customers taste buds by any means necessary. 

Number One – PI^LA

PI^LA in Old Bank District has a big vision to bring people and cultures together in one place to honor the spirit of our diverse community. Now serving at three locations, including the iconic Clifton’s Republic on weekends, Chef Eric Fred combines cultures and cuisines from around Los Angeles to create unique and enduring flavors that pay homage to us all… 

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Be it a stellar Chicken Mole inspired by the traditions of Oaxaca, a K-town Kimchi and Pork Belly Pie, or even a Tiki Masala Indian pizza topped with Raita, this is comfort food/pizza like Downtown has never tasted before. www.pila213.com

Number Two – Braazo Pizza

Vegans, you’re up! Braazo Pizza in Fashion District has your back! Check out their satisfying Vegan Pizza with ingredients such as: Follow Your Heart Cheese and a choice of your own veggie toppings. 

Meat eater? Don’t feel left out. Braazo delivers a hardy Meat Lover’s Pizza with dream ingredients such as: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, sausage and black Forest ham. 

Braazo Pizza is all about you being in control of what pizzas you make! As they say, “Be an artist, create your own base cheese pizza.” www.braazopizza.com

Number Three – LANY Pizza

If longevity is any indication of how much a community loves a great pizza, LANY in the Finance District wins with 20 years of experience and an almost fanatical fanbase. 

Any list seriously knowledgeable about NY Style pizza in LA can’t be validated without acknowledging LANY. Their name literally stands for “Los Angeles New York”.

With a caring and committed staff LANY made sure Downtown eaters had a fantastic experience for over two decades.

And yes, they being the SAUCE! 

In fact, its all in the sauce, as fans can’t seem to resist a authentic urban experience such as LANY Pizza.

Mouthwatering dessert, fan favorite includes: Vanilla Cheesecake — a slice of their famous cheesecake topped with caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream. Have room for more? Warmed Apple Pie with a scoop of locally made vanilla ice cream. 

Number Four – Pizzanista

Pizzanista! in the Arts District has recruited renowned chef, pizza maestro and friend, Steve Samson at the forefront. Samson helped develop the pizza’s distinctive homemade recipes. 

Dedicated to serving only the highest quality fresh ingredients, Pizzanista! uses locally grown produce and humanely-raised meats whenever possible. 

Pizzanista! has been featured in esteemed national and international press outlets such as VOGUE, GQ, The History Channel, but its their connection to the community that’s truly news worthy. 

Number Five – Pizza Sociale

At Pizza Sociale in South Park, everything that comes out of their kitchen is made in-house and is always fresh so customers receive something that will have their taste buds jumping for joy. 

And its not just pizza. Whether Downtown is craving buffalo chicken fries or stuffed pizzas, they have something for the whole family to enjoy. Sociale takes care of the DT by only bringing the best pasta and hearty helpings of chicken wings. Planning an event? Sociale caters …to our hearts.

Number Six – Joe’s Pizza

Joe’s Pizza down in Historic Core has DTLA and New Yorkers alike flocking to Spring Street Strip. As word spread about Joe’s Pizza, Joe himself decided it was time for a second location and opened another Joe’s Pizza on Sunset. Continuing its success, Joe’s Pizza has since expanded to Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks. 

As Joe himself aptly put it, “Everyone loves pizza. And in LA, people know there’s no better place to express that love than at Joe’s. Putting smiles on faces one authentic pie at a time, we’re the kind of no-nonsense pizza joint that New Yorkers rave about.” Customers are all raving about their “super cheesy” pizza and service.

Number Seven – Oolio Wood Fried Pizza

Oolio Wood Fired Pizzeria GCM located in Civic District has wood fired pizza was voted as one of the top 10 destination pizza places in the US. Located at one of the 10 top destinations fir eats, Downtown’s Grand Central Market can’t hurt. 

Oolio makes nearly everything in house, right down to sauces and dressings (all are made with California extra virgin olive oil). 

Customers don’t hesitate to order their salads and wood fired appetizers. Oolio Wood Fired’s chef’s favorites are the fire roasted shishito peppers with yuzu aioli dipping sauce and the Olio house salad.

Number Eight – Grá

Just on the outskirts of DTLA is Grá — This spot for pizza has wild-fermented dough and natural wines in a mellow, indoor-outdoor space. Organic sourdough pizza, seasonal ferments & natural wine. It’s a cozy spot with comfort food with vegetarian options. Great wood fire pizza with a precise menu of salad, pizza, and an array of natural wines. Live DJ mixing vinyl in the back inside the very open and charmingly serene interior. Customers happily commented: “their white pizza was perfect and well balanced between sweet and salty.” The Vegan Puttanesca Pizza with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, shallots, black olive, Calabrian chili is a true delight.

Number Nine – Slices

Slices in Little Toyko has it all. Their delicious fan favorite toppings are bacon, Smoked Brisket, Smoked Chicken, Italian Sausage, Meatballs. But the House Specialitlies are literally just that — special. 

House Sicilian Meatballs with pork, veal and beef, ricotta and Parmesan meatballs slowly simmered in tomato sauce. Buffalo Wings with original hot & spicy or BBQ. Served with ranch. Its no wonder why there’s always someone outside the the window – ordering up Slices.  

Number Ten – Papa John’s

Who doesn’t love an old classic? Papa John’s located in Chinatown is an American staple. For Papa John’s Pizza, the secret to success is much like the secret to making a better pizza – the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

During a Netflix and chill type of night? Downtown dwellers, first find a cuddling partner, second …let the pizza set the mood. 

Author: Janaé Rachel Ballot

Janaé Rachel Ballot | writer and filmmaker based in LA.