More Fencing to Keep Out the UnHoused

unhoused main 6th

We don’t care where you go, but you gotta get out of here seems to be the attitude from City Hall and the multiples of neighborhood callers who persistently called 311 to have the city unhouse the unhoused from their unhousing that once lined the sidewalks of Main and 6th streets. 

unhoused main and 6th

The Historic Core now joins several locations where bright aluminum fencing has been placed to prohibit the temporary encampments of the unhoused that seem to spring up at random locations throughout the early days of Covid. First Leimert Park, Echo Park, then MacArthur Park, and now it’s Main Street. 

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With a City ordinance taking effect in September, sitting, sleeping, lying, storing personal property or otherwise obstructing the public right of way; either two feet by a fire hydrant, five feet from an entrance or exit, and anywhere blocking a bike path, those now violating the new ordinance are to be given one of two options; Check into a pre-determined hotel or shelter, or have their items bulldozed.

While plenty still oppose the idea stating the ordinance and passing of such does little to solve the homeless problem, the City Council voted almost unanimously in favor of the regulation.

Author: Jackson Roberts

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