From Holy Wine to Sinful Sips: History of Drinking Lecture Pours into LA Library

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From the wine-loving Spaniards who first settled Los Angeles to the cocktail quaffers of the jet age, Los Angeles tastes have shifted when it comes to enjoying alcoholic beverages. 

The city has been a center of winemaking and brewing, a region where intoxicating potions were celebrated by movie stars and hunted down by prohibitionists, and a place where finely balanced drinks and abysmal concoctions were crafted by bartenders and celebrities. 

Saturday, May 11th, The Culinary Historians of Southern California will present, “Imbibing LA: Boozing It Up In The City of Angels” with author Richard Foss.

The talk begins with pious monks, continues with law-dodging partiers who were anything but reverent, and ends in the new world of LA cocktails.

People with a passion for food beyond the knife and fork founded the Culinary Historians of Southern California in 1995 as an affiliate of the Los Angeles Public Library. 

Typical of library patrons, they sought an intellectual as well as gastronomic approach to food, but not at the expense of taking themselves so seriously that they would forget to have fun.

Today’s membership of about 250 men and women spans a range of ages and occupations. 

Richard Foss started writing professionally in 1987, and his job as a restaurant critic eventually led to two books, numerous scholarly and popular articles, consulting jobs at museums, international lecture tours, and several TV appearances. 

His science fiction and fantasy stories have been nominated for awards, and he continues to freelance for various publications. 

Richard is the co-founder and Executive Director of Collage: A Place for Art & Culture, a nonprofit arts and performance space in San Pedro that donates musical instruments to students, hosts free music lessons, and does other charitable work related to the arts.

Those intrigued by the mysteries of food and pleasures of the table are encouraged to attend.

The lecture takes place at the Central Library parking: 524 South Flower Street Garage. Saturday, May 11 · 10:30am – 12pm.

Note: If Flower Street closed with cones ask the traffic officer to remove a cone to enter the parking area.

Author: Hanny Playa

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