Aristocratix: The Art Show with Balls— Literally

You’ve heard of “eyes wide shut,” but the Aristocratix interactive art show celebrating everything nude is more like “eyes wide open.”

Brought to DTLA by the same curators of the Nude Art Show, panning back to 2018, this reporter’s only regret is that we couldn’t take more photos. 

Who knew loose lips, gravity-obedient breast, foreskinths, flattened butts (with cracks), imported wines, visual art and burlesque fit so well within the close-knit confines of the former Little Easy

Yet, Aristocratix is a rare blend of creativity, luxury, sophistication, and seductive allure. If collectors are not shy about a gallery opening where almost everyone except the servers is fully naked, then we’re not shy about it either. 

Cover art photo: Aristocratix Artist Nicolette Spear

This contemporary fine art nude exhibition features the works of some of the world’s most talented painters, photographers, sculptors, and other artists, showcasing their works alongside a mix of nude works in oil, acrylic, and sculpture that scale the high walls of the historic location.

“Aristocratix founders have definitely created a socially exposed experience of fine luxury, visual art, and live performance while providing a nudist sanctuary of well-composed nakedness.” Downtown Weekly.

The fading interior trimmings of its 1906 structure expose the history of the building as the stage is set with nude figure models kept frozen under the spot lights, despite the steamed-up atmosphere. Bondage and art pads abound while most attendees move slowly so as not to draw attention to their body painted or bare skin masterpieces in complete and utter vein.

“Aristocratix is a place for those who believe in the power of art and performance to captivate the imagination, ignite emotions, and stimulate the senses,” say the founders.

Truly, the message of kindness and acceptance, expressed through the aesthetic appreciation of the human body, forces guests to hide away their initial blushes.

Safe and welcoming, the founders use their platform to support those who are less fortunate. From partnering with charitable organizations to supporting artists and performers, unlike some other unbearable art exhibits sprawn throughout the city.

Aristocratix Artist – Tony Girolo – Opening Night

Partnered with Giselle’s Legacy, a non-profit animal rescue committed to saving and rehabilitating animals in need, the partnership reflects a faith in the healing power of kindness and our commitment to the welfare of all living beings.

Opening Night Guests pose in front of Aristocratix backdrop.

“Our partnership with Giselle’s Legacy is just the beginning. Aristocratix plans to cultivate many partnerships with people and brands who share our values. By intertwining our love for fine and performing arts with our dedication to the public good, we seek to make a meaningful difference—one art exhibition, one rescued animal, and one act of kindness at a time.”

Aristocratix does celebrate life in all its forms and invites all (21 and over) to join them in their mission.

Exhibits Thursday – Saturday, now through February 28th.

Author: Keri Freeman

Military mom and proud parent, artist, writer, musician and film maker. Cocktail connoisseur. Publisher of DTLA Weekly.