DTLA Vegan Weekend
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DTLA Vegan Weekend 2024 Brings Fresh New Approach to Cruelty Free Living in the BIG CITY

It’s official; there’s nothing like “going vegan” to help bring the downtown Los Angeles community…

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Netflix & Chills: A Tangled Web of Lies with Steven Zaillian Remake “Ripley”

Synopsis: Directed and written by Steven Zaillian, “Ripley” takes viewers back to a bygone era…

Dream BIG
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LA Business Chambers Unite for Minority Business Success at Upcoming Dream Big Forum

Minority-owned small businesses are significant contributors to the California economy, generating nearly $193 billion in…

Lucas Beaufort
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French Artist Lucas Beaufort to Share Immersive Art Experience at Hotel Per LA

This Friday, May 24th, and Saturday, May 25th, Hotel Per LA will host a special…

DTLA Senior Citizen Month
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Golden Years or Tarnished Ride: Can Metro Keep Seniors Safe on Public Transit?

Aging is difficult for a number of reasons and is experienced very individually. Some resent the act of getting older while others believe it’s a gift and should be celebrated. In addition to wrinkles and arthritis, depending on what community one lives in, aging might also mean losing your independence when it comes to getting from A to B, and more importantly, doing so safely.
Just a little over a decade ago catching the bus wasn’t only challenging for younger adults. Drivers would pass by and not stop at the designated bus station, leaving the passenger stranded and confused until the arrival of the next vehicle. 
Something had to change and Metro delivered.

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This Week in Crime: Daredevil at Oceanwide, Stand Off with LAPD and Murder in the Arts District

Against the backdrop of downtown LA’s urban landscape, this week’s crime report offers insights into…

Dignity health museum
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Dignity Health Pays Homage to History with Museum of Nursing in South Park

There are over 120,000 amazing nurses in Los Angeles County alone. Many consider nurses to…

Bar Frances Downtown LA
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Eat, Drink, Listen – Bar Frances Pop-Up Brings Culinary Good Vibes to Navel in South Park

Looking for a seat at the table? Well, thanks to Bar Frances Pop Up Shop’s…

Scuba show at La convention center
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Fins, Masks, and Snorkels: 37th Annual Scuba Show to Bring Underwater Adventure to DTLA

Diving into new depths of excitement, this premier scuba diving event celebrates the underwater world…

Baar Baar Downtown LA
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Exotic Indian Cuisine at Baar Baar in DTLA Keeps Diners Coming Back – Again and Again 

Just a short wait before attentive servers come to greet diners at the tables of…

Biddy Mason Play Inner City Arts
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LA Stages Unite to Present Music & Movement for Upcoming Dramatic Biddy Mason Play

DTLA history buffs are in for a treat as the The Fountain Theatre’s “Fountain for…

Graffiti towers

Up for Grabs! The Pricy Cost of Oceanwide Plaza

Step right up! Oceanwide Plaza is officially up for grabs!!! Who will win this awesome…