Firework Frenzy Sparks Anxiety in Downtown Los Angeles

On a quiet of Sunday night in downtown Los Angeles came an unwelcome cacophony of explosions as an illegal fireworks display lit up the sky using the parking lot behind Geffen Moca in Little Tokyo as a launching pad. Close enough to city hall, while some may have found the spectacle momentarily engaging, it has also been seen as an infuriating display of disregard for local residents. 

Amateur videos from afar depict a barrage of rockets soaring high above the city skyline, showering the area in bursts of light and echoing thunderous booms through the streets. 

Barley legal on the forth of July, the unauthorized setting off fireworks within city limits is illegal in Los Angeles. 

A display of this magnitude lasting several minutes, mirrored a Forth of July fireworks grand finale with loud explosions that could be heard as far as South Park. 

The origins of the fireworks remain shrouded in mystery, with the LAPD still actively investigating the incident. No arrests have been made leaving citizens wondering how such a blatant disregard for the law could occur, and what measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

Author: Jamie Herrera

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