The Perfect Home: 10 Must-Haves for Every Downtown Los Angeles Apartment 

Ah, young apprentice, stepping into the symbolic depths of downtown’s mystical “urban forest,” heed the DT Weekly Wizard’s counsel. Here are the 10 Must-Haves for Every Downtown Los Angeles Apartment…

1. Bozu Plant

When it comes to creating good fortune when moving to downtown Los Angeles, every urban dwelling must have a Bozu plant situated within it. Traditionally known in Japan for bringing good luck, your Bozu plant will act like a mystical totem, warding off unseen trials while purifying the very air you breathe. The preternatural presence of a Bozu plant illuminates any apartment corner shadow, tabletop, or window ledge and allows all who enter to enter an aura of good fortune.

2. At Least One Downtown Relic

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of Downtown’s historic make overs, chances are you already have something old like trim, lamp fixture or maybe an old wooden floor, but if not, it’s highly suggested that you embellish your dwelling with some sort of relic from downtown’s past. An old sign, bachelder tile, door knocker, or even a piece of art created by a local artist will do. Vintage artifacts that date back to the early 1900s can be discovered at Good Ole Things, while newer time pieces brought to the world by Gen X can be acquired easily at places like After Hour Vintage.  Adjacent to After Hour Vintage, just south of 7th and Spring, seek out the Hive Gallery, one of Downtown’s oldest known for its honeycombs of surrealism and everything abstract. Here,one can easily imbue a piece of original downtown art for their city abode and establish a sense of cultural essence connected to the symbolic tapestry of downtown’s urban spirit.

3. Magical Libation Altar

Transforming any downtown apartment dwelling into a joyous entertainment hub for family and friends is easy with a magical libation altar.

Placed in any area of the space, the alter doesn’t have to be gigantic to add to a downtown apartment’s electrical energy, but it should come stocked with luxury spirits like Victorioso Mezcal, one of downtown’s favorites. 


Victorioso Mezcal is still made the old-fashioned way. This isn’t a spirit to be rushed; it’s a drink to be sipped and savored, with no added sugar (hence no hangover), to impress your guests and foster camaraderie and merriment in your new downtown sanctuary.

A Way to Escape into Ethereal Silence

Bestow upon thyself the serenity only ear stuffing can provide as you escape to an ethereal realm of silence amidst our urban symphony. In lieu of sirens, construction, fireworks, loud music, party goers, high-pitched voices, and all other noise pollutants, a good set of ear plugs allows city dwellers the opportunity to tune into their own metaphorical frequencies while tuning out frustration and chaos; turning the roar of our buzzing outside realm into calming celestial whispers of the city.

5. Pious Paws

In downtown LA, dog shoes aren’t just to protect your pet’s feet from sharp objects or stark temperatures. Pet owners should take every precaution to elevate their furry companions with the gift of enchanted dog shoes to protect the household from the grime of city life. It’s strongly suggested to remove any occupant’s footwear upon entering a downtown apartment; otherwise, you risk tracking in a list of oils, critters, and biohazards that easily make their way from the streets to the sheets. 

6. Control of Your Habitat

When moving into a historic building, please be advised. Although the historic charm of terra cotta, angelic sculptures, and marble fixtures of yesteryear are sure to whisk you away into the most outermost realms of nostalgia, old buildings in downtown can be moody and not always come with state-of-the-art amenities like reliable elevators, secure locks, solid pipes, working windows, or even climate control. Be sure, before leasing, to do due diligence when it comes to research. Talk with current tenants, scan the property’s online reviews, and look for rat droppings and dead critters to ensure your unit won’t have these tiny troupes living in your home rent-free. 

7. Sacred Parking

Parking fees, traffic, or the anxiety of a looming tow will cause vexation centered around your terrestrial chariot. An apartment that secures a sacred spot for your vehicle can transform your parking experience in downtown into a magical boon. Once your ride is secure, feel free to blend casually into the world of public transportation. 

Realize that the whole of downtown lies within a short 5-mile radius, which can easily be traversed with less stress thanks to alternative travel methods. In Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll find a never-ending wealth of rideshare providers, bike lanes, and scooter rentals, complemented by the new Metro Connector, which delivers passengers to all of Downtown’s districts just steps away.

8. Divine Management

True love is hard to find, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. History has shown that one of the most important things to figure out, before moving to downtown, is to determine beforehand if your building’s management company is up to the task. As more luxury high-rises emerge, the trend of having a capable concierge who is attentive to detail and proud to cater to tenants’ needs becomes more relevant.

While stories have always circulated about tenants yearning for an understanding managerial staff those moving into luxury high-rises such as FigueroaEight have entire teams dedicated to outstanding leasing and management.

Taking downtown living to a higher level, in addition to the fine details, FigEight has attached a full-service Experience Team for curating exclusive wellness and entertainment events. They also provide a private club for tenants and a robust schedule of members-only fitness programming.

Entrust thy dwelling to the efficient caretakers to ensure order prevails.

9. Angelic Security

There’s not much time for security to relax between the random occurrences of Downtown. Regardless, the most competent property managers don’t cut corners with tenants’ safety, fix all locks, install working cameras, and grasp the importance of taking preventive security measures. To ensure a protected haven that radiates peace and celestial tranquility, try to keep a positive relationship with your building’s security officers. If your building doesn’t come with security, sorry at this time, we cannot recommend you move there. 

10. Happily Ever After

And now, the happy ending to this enchanted downtown living story: The only thing more magical than security, parking, and critter-free living in downtown is having a city view. It can be any city view—from the views of treetops that shade passengers just a few stories below to the mass rows of industrial buildings that reach out to the eastern horizon, or the views that span from the mountain to the seas, or better yet, a high-rise surrounded by adjacent high rises that fill your windows with electric giants in the night. There’s no need to ask why hordes of people still cast coins in the wishing well to live in downtown Los Angeles. No matter the weather or social climate, one will never tire of a downtown view. But beware; if your building only offers dark views of brick walls or inside courtyards that echo noise but neglect the visual trimmings, sorry, we cannot recommend you move there. Unless there’s exposed brick, exposed brick makes up for everything.

Author: Keri Freeman

Military mom and proud parent, artist, writer, musician and film maker. Cocktail connoisseur. Publisher of DTLA Weekly.